About The Practice

We are a dedicated family friendly practice with seven dentists and ten qualified nurses, two of which have child smile training. We provide a friendly service and value our patients health and comfort at all times.

At MacLeod & Naismith we are proud to offer the best care and attention that we can to you, the patients. In order to deliver this is the most transparent method possible we have Practice Policies listed below.

  • Our practice aims to provide dental care of a consistent quality, for all patients. We have management systems to help us and which define each practice members responsibilities when looking after you.
  • In proposing treatment we will take account of your wishes. We will explain options, where appropriate, and costs, so that you can make an informed choice. We will always explain what we are doing.
  • We will do all we can to look after your general health. We will ask you about your general health and about any medications being taken. This helps us to treat you safely. We keep all information about you confidential.
  • Contamination control is also essential to the safety of our patients. Every practice member receives training in practice systems for contamination control.
  • We screen all patients for mouth cancer at routine checkups. We ask patients about tobacco and alcohol use because they increase your oral cancer risk.
  • Practice working methods are reviewed regularly at meeting of all staff. We encourage all staff to make suggestions for improving the care we give patients.
  • We regularly ask patients for their views on our services. We have systems in place for dealing promptly with patient complaints and for ensuring that lessons are learnt from any mistakes that we make.
  • All dentists in the practice take part in continuing professional education meeting the General Dental Council's requirements. We aim to keep up-to-date with current thinking on all aspects of general dentistry including preventative care which reduces your need for treatment.
  • All staff joining the practice are given training in practice-wide procedures. Once a year there is an individual review of training needs for everyone in the practice.
  • All members of the Practice are registered with the General Dental Council. In the unlikely event that a dentist or dental nurse becomes unfit to practice we have procedures in place to ensure that concerns are investigated and if necessary acted upon.

Our Staff


Norma Macleod

Female 65380 B.D.S (1990)
Tracey Naismith Female 68846 B.D.S (1993)
Rebecca Dunnigan Female 68883 B.D.S (1993)
Glenn Donnet Male 77582 B.D.S (2000)
Sheryl McNeice Female 80536 B.D.S (2002)
Catriona Beattie Female 81265 B.D.S (2002)
Jessica Copsey Female 177293 B.D.S (2002) M.F.D.S (2011)